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What's new -- Repair Video Master and Screen Recorder Master


26/07/2012 -- Repair Video Master v2.65 Released!

  • Fix the problem that some HD MJPEG AVI files can't be repaired.

09/05/2012 -- Screen Recorder Master Released!

  • Screen Recorder 1.21 is updated to Screen Recorder Master.
  • Fix some bugs; the recorded video quality is much better.

10/05/2012 -- Repair Video Master v2.61 Released!

  • AVI files larger than 10GB can be repaired now.
  • Customize output file name and directory.
  • Play the repaired files just one click.

05/03/2012 -- Screen Recorder 1.21 Released!

  • Support customizable Hot Keys to start, pause, stop screen recording..

31/03/2012 -- Repair Video Master v2.01 Released!

  • New AVI Repair Engine.

12/02/2012 -- Screen Recorder 1.11 Released!

  • Support AVI and WMV file outputting.
  • Support full screen, window, region and fixed region capturing.
  • Support audio recording from any source.

11/02/2012 -- Repair Video Master v1.82 Released!

  • Support repair AC3 files.

01/01/2012 -- Repair Video Master v1.61 Released!

  • Improved the WMV Repair Engine, RM Repair Engine.
  • The output filename can be configured.

02/10/2011 -- Repair Video Master v1.41 Released!

  • Drag-and-drop are supported now.

09/08/2011 -- Repair Video Master v1.40 Released!

  • Support fixing the avi file that can't be recognized by Video Player correctly for the broken file header.

23/07/2011 -- Repair Video Master v1.30 Released!

  • Improve AVI Repair Engine and fix some minor bugs.

26/02/2011 -- Repair Video Master v1.21 Released!

  • AVI Repair, ASF Repair, RM Repair, WMV Repair, DivX Repair, AC3 Repair all-in-one.
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