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Imagine this situation, you finally downloaded the latest Hollywood movie or your friend gave you a copy of last night’s basketball game and it does not play. How depressed this can be but it really happens. Then what will you do? Just delete it angrily and say goobbye to such a good movie nitht? No,definitely not. Since you can repair this broken avi file easily – with Repair Video Master. Unbelievable? Just have a try and experience it.

You can download the free Trial Version here. It is only 2.1MB.

After downloading and running Repair Video Master you will see the interface shown like this:

You can easily understand how to use it: add broken avi file and select it, the output file name and directory will be set automatically. For example: if your original file is c:\mymedia\abc.avi, the fixed file will be save as c:\mymdedia\abc_repair.asf that means the fixed file will be saved as a new one, so there is no risk of damage to your original file.

Then click the “Repair” button and the repair begins. When it is complete, usually very fast, you will have a high-quality working video file again. Click the “Play” button to enjoy it now!

These are features what you can see; let me tell you something you don’t know:

Support batch repair
Perhaps you have several damaged avi files, how lucky you are that you have not discarded them. Now repair them with Repair Video Master simultaneously - add them all, click “Repair” button and leave it aside. Repair Video Master will repair them all for you.

Output file parameter
In default mode, the name and directory of the output file is generated automatically which will save your time. The output file has the same directory with the original file. Also, you may configure it as you like.

Stunning repair function
Repair Video Master’s ability to repair video files even larger than 10 GB makes it indispensable.

Drag avi files you want to repair and drop it to the list. That’s really convenient.

Moreover, not only you can use it to repair broken AVI files but fix DivX, Xvid, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, ASF, WMV, WMA, AC3 files. Just select your video file and hit Repair…

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