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You have downloaded an MPEG-4 file, but when you want to use it, you find it has been damaged, then what should you do? It can be difficult to fix it if you're not knowledgeable about computer files and how to fix it. Thankfully there are ways to fix MPEG-4 video files so that soon you can enjoy your MPEG-4 files again.

With Repair Video Master you can easily repair your damaged MPEG-4 files on Windows.

Possible Fix for many problems

Convenient and user-friendly

Batch repair
Save time by repairing several different files at the same time. Add them all and press repair button. You even don’t need to set output profiles since they are configured automatically.

Preview your repaired videos after with the built-in play button.

Output profile

After you import MPEG-4 video files you want to repair, highlight each one and you will find automatic generation of each output file parameter. The default setting has the same directory adding “_Repair” to the original file name. But you can also set them by yourself.

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