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Main Button

Most commonly used buttons

a. Record Tool Bar:

b. Expand Button: , it can expand the control panel with detailed options.

c. Play Button : click it to scan the output videos after recording.

Position: In the Record To Panel

Record From: Record From Panel is for the record source controlthe input control

Choose the recording area from: screen, windows, region and fixed region.

Screen: the whole screen is the recording area.

Window: choose any window to be your recording area.

Region: draw your own recording area with the choosing tool.

Fixed region: fill in the fixed width and height value then select the region.

Then you can set the input frame rate and decide whether to record cursor or not.

Or you can choose to record audio together.

Record To: Record To Panel is the output control panel

AVI Setting

Record to AVI file, and detail your video codec and audio settings.

WMV Setting
Record to WMV file, and configure your settings.

After all settings, click “Start” button and the recording process will begin.

Hot Keys: customize hot keys according to your preference

With the above panel, you can define Record, Pause and Stop Hot key.
Hot Keys are very convenient to use when your Screen Recorder is minimized.



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