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Here is a step by step walk through with images to assist you in recording screen activities using Screen Recorder Master.

The Screen Recorder Master interface is divided into four main sections. Record Tool Bar, Record From Panel, Record To Panel and Hot Keys Panel.

After launch Screen Recorde Masterr, you will see the main window as below.

First, you can choose to minimize Screen Recorder Master or minimize to tray while recording.

Please select which video source you want to record, from Screen, Window, Region and Fixed Region options. Set the frame rate and choose whether to record cursor or not. You may record audio as well if you have a microphone or input device.

Click the expand button of “Record to”.

Configure the output folder and filename and format.

Type in the output filename, or use the browse button to select a filename.

Select the output file type --- AVI or WMV

Configure the video codec, audio codec and audio format.

If you'd like an avi file, we suggest you choose video codec from DivX, Xivd or MJPEG.

If you select WMV file type, the control panel will be like the following:

Click the red record button to start recording.  

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